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data layer easily overloads the browser after clicking a big feature

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After clicking a big feature (e.g. a landuse) the map automatically zooms out to fully show this feature. Well, okay, accepted. But the problem is that after this move the data layer updates and loads data again. If the current area is a densely mapped one, then the returned data quickly gets muuuuch leading to browser hangs.

I would like to have an option to only fetch data ONCE'' UI suggestion for the sidebar:

  • [ ] Map Notes (<a href="$get that data" title="just fetch once">once</a>)
  • [ ] Map Data (<a href="$get that data" title="just fetch once">once</a>)

I simulated this by blocking /api/0.6/map?bbox= via AdBlock? after the first load. That was really fine. Just like I would like to have it.

That would also avoid the problem that if the left sidebar was not active already, then currently after clicking a feature in the data layer the left sidebar pops in, leading to a smaller map viewport, leading to another data query at /api/0.6/map?bbox= . Which causes render work again.

That would also avoid the problem that currently the data layer state is remembered in the _osm_location cookie which, again, easily will hang your browser if you (even in another tab) go to a densely mapped area and zoom out while forgetting that data layer is still on (unexpectedly). I have switched off this cookie remembering "feature" for notes and data completely, as it was annoying to me.

That would also need one click less - for turning the data layer off again if you want to continue to do something else.

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by the way: as the right sidebar is totally useless it would be nice if there could be an optional direct load data once button inside the toolbox on the right. This would save opening the right sidebar just to close it again...

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