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Data import fails with Nominatim 2.2

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Hi there,

I would like to install Nominatim 2.2 with maps of Germany but fail due to many reasons. Following the instructions( the first error I got was due to the encoding. The default encoding for PostgreSQL 9.1 is SQL_ASCII, while german maps taken from Geofabrik( requires UTF8. I have fixed that by changing ./utils/setup.php:100 to

passthruCheckReturn('createdb -E UTF-8 -T template0 -p '.$aDSNInfoport?.' '.$aDSNInfodatabase?);

(e.g. using template0 instead template1 which is SQL-ASCII). After that data import started to work but I got post-import errors:

user@mycomputer:/opt/nominatim# ./utils/setup.php --create-functions --enable-diff-updates
ERROR: type wordscore[] does not exist
ERROR: type "place_boundingbox" does not exist
ERROR: type "place_boundingbox" does not exist
ERROR: type "place_boundingbox" does not exist
ROW 4: result place_boundingbox;


Finally, if I try to search for a city using my Firefox, I get the following:

Internal Server Error
Nominatim has encountered an internal error while processing your request. This is most likely because of a bug in the software.
Details: Could not get word tokens.

Any help would be appreciated.

Nominatim Version: 2.2
Server: Debian Wheezy
DB: PostgreSQL 9.1 with the following packages:
user@mycomputer:/opt/nominatim# dpkg -l | grep postgres
pi libpostgresql-jdbc-java 9.1-901-2
ii postgresql 9.1+134wheezy4
ii postgresql-9.1 9.1.12-0wheezy1
ii postgresql-9.1-postgis 1.5.3-2
ii postgresql-client-9.1 9.1.12-0wheezy1
ii postgresql-client-common 134wheezy4
ii postgresql-common 134wheezy4
ii postgresql-contrib-9.1 9.1.12-0wheezy1
ii postgresql-server-dev-9.1 9.1.12-0wheezy1

Best regards,

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Using Nominatim with a database with ASCII encoding is likely to cause trouble. You should recreate your database cluster with UTF8-encoding and also otherwise switch the configuration to UTF-8.

The errors about place_boundingbox can be safely ignored.

For the internal server error, rerun the query with a parameter debug=1. You will get a lot more information including the error that the database returned. It's likely that you have an encoding or permission problem.

Also, please, don't use the bug tracker for questions about the installation. There is a mailinglist which is much better suited.

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