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P2 now shows imagery options in alphabetical order

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The problem with this is that some backgrounds (Bing, OSSV, OS Locator) are more useful and more up to date than others (7th series, the various NLS ones).

New users get no clue from the UI which backgrounds are likely to be a good representation of what's there now (Bing) and which not (NLS Bart's half-inch from when Queen Victoria was on the throne).

We've already had "new user not realising antique map is rubbish" issues in Derbyshire with iD (which suffers from the same problem).

I did attempt (some time ago now) to get agreement on would be a sensible list of backgrounds to offer to new editors (in iD) but got significant pushback on the mailing lists (which might have been because Open Historical Map uses a generic iD instance and the same imagery list) so removing things from the generic imagery list is probably not an option.

That started out as part of but then was spun off into , which is now closed; so is there a date available in the generic imagery list that could be used to sort available layers by?

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by Richard

Unlike iD, P2 isn't the principal editor for new users (apart from the minority of unlucky souls using IE) so I don't see that as a hugely significant issue.

If you can find useful, supported fields in (which is what P2 reads) then I'm open to the list being sorted that way. I won't pretend it'd be a huge priority for me, but someone else might want to do it, of course.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by pnorman is probably more relevant was an attempt to sort out the GB imagery and add additional items via a list of historic imagery. The view expressed was that the antique out of copyright maps were still useful. I disagreed, but didn't really push the issue, being non-local.

If some of the imagery layers in editor-imagery-index are not useful for OpenStreetMap editing, they should be removed.

For the discussion of fields for indicating default imagery to show (on a worldwide basis) and the best imagery to show in an area, see

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