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OCM: some scrambled rendering at zoom levels 15 and 16

Reported by: Viajero Perdido Owned by: Andy Allan
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Component: opencyclemap Version:
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I've noticed some "confused" rendering by OCM of relatively recent changes, at zoom levels 15 and 16 only, whereas at higher or lower zooms everything renders as intended. Two examples:

1) Here the winding trail and forest polygons render correctly. If you zoom out to 16 or 15, however, the trail becomes a long straight-line segment, and the forest polygons are either missing or scrambled. (I've added these objects about a month ago, and noticed this odd rendering for several weeks at least, whereas the other OCM zoom levels, and the other OSM derivative maps have stabilized with the new content.)

2) Here there are two overlapping trails at zoom levels 15 & 16. Another editor accidentally deleted the trail, and I later added my own version of it (way 309313359). So the two would never have existed at the same time in the database. Yet they both render simultaneously at these two zoom levels only.

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by Viajero Perdido

PS, it's worth noting that in the first example, the trail never existed in the database as a long straight-line segment. (I entered that trail as many short segments before saving, via the JavaScript? editor.)

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by Viajero Perdido

Update: the straight-line trail segment I mentioned is now a missing segment. (A few days ago I split the trail in two as an attempt to un-break the rendering. Still broken.)

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