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wrong error message at when you try to upload images while not being logged-in

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if you try to ask a question without being already logged in and then try to upload a image, it shows a wrong error message (as it already works with 11 points, which everybody has after validating the email address): "uploading images is limited to users with > 60 reputation points"

Please change the message to e.g. this: uploading images is limited to logged-in users (top right corner).

If there really is a karma points limit (which?):

  • please also check the error message text which appears for a logged-in user with too few karma points.
  • Please also add this limit to the Karma list at

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by Tom Hughes

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The "website" component in trac refers to, not or any other sites that we run.

The help site is run using third party software, so it's behaviour is not something we can change beyond the configuration options that it offers us.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by aseerel4c26

Umm, and where is the bug tracker for the admins?! I guessed you are. ;-)

Yes, in fact I thought you could change the config (or modify the python source). Apparently there is some config, because the karma limit is not right.

The real value seems to be in settings.REP_TO_UPLOAD . Could you please tell me this setting for our installation (the default is 60 but at we had an upload by an user with just 11 karma points)? At least we could tell people then what they need to be able to upload.

The message seems to be hardcoded. :-(

So you think I should report this upstream at the dead issue list? There is even no comment since months on a security issue (at least it claims) . Similar on the . Offtopic: Not quite a good feeling with this abandoned software which likely really has dozens of security bugs.

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comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by Tom Hughes

Well there isn't really one - the admin component is probably the best there is. As I say there isn't much we can do about most things.

Very few of our settings have been changed, so the karma requirements are almost certainly whatever the defaults are.

We're not really using the version anymore, because it's dead. We're using the fork at in order to get support for more recent Django versions.

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by aseerel4c26

Thanks, I have changed the component.

@"karma requirements are almost certainly whatever the defaults are": Well, apparently not – SomeoneElse tested it today, upload was possible with karma 11 whereas the default is 60. I do not know if it even works with lower karma values. That means that new used can upload, but they need to log in first (and maybe validate the email to get 10 points). This depends on what our setting is. Could you please look it up?

@"dead": By the way: My links go to the fork's code (it is even advertised by the official homepage). But the fork also looks to be quite dead. However …

comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by aseerel4c26

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