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Strange Nominatim translation behavior

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About: Two columns prepended below to the table, second: Y=works, N=does not. All OSM queries are appended with the place name "Dolembreux". Seeing that #1 works, I add the alternate #2 and it doesn't. Then I check "recycling Dolembreux" and it doesn't work. But "recycling point Dolembreux" does work. (OK, I see that phrase in the EN page, but...) Now if I add #5, it does work but #3 and #4 don't. Plus, all the prepositions in entries marked with "?" seem unnecessary. The queries with or without them seem to return the same results; And yet, the specification page defines them. Can those lines be removed?

1 Y Point de recyclage amenity recycling - 2 N Bulle à verre amenity recycling - 3 N Bulle amenity recycling point - 4 N Bulle verre amenity recycling point - 5 Y Bulle à verre amenity recycling point - 6 Y Point de recyclage amenity recycling - 7 Y Points de recyclage amenity recycling -

? Point de recyclage à amenity recycling in ? Points de recyclage à amenity recycling in ? Point de recyclage en amenity recycling in ? Points de recyclage en amenity recycling in

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Summary: Strange translation behaviorStrange Nominatim translation behavior

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Processing of the Special Phrase pages needs to be kicked off manually. You don't really see the effects of your changes until the next reimport (which happens rather rarely because it is expensive).

That said, all entries with amenity=recycling point are pointless because this tag/value combination doesn't exist in OSM and special searches check against the existence of these.

The ones with operator 'in' on the other hand are necessary. Depending on the operator, Nominatim queries the database slightly different.In fact, they are the more important ones. 'Point de recyclage Dolembreux' asks for a recycling point called Dolembreux, while Point de recyclage a Dolembreux' ask for a recycling point in Dolembreux. The latter is probably what you want. (That is the theory. In practice, the actual search is a bit more forgiving.)

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by fgnievinski

How to kick off manual processing of the Special Phrase pages, please? Thanks.

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