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Opencyclemap renderer name displaying issues - zoom 8-12

Reported by: poutnikl Owned by: Andy Allan
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I have noticed long time ago strange behaviour of Opencyclemap, ragarding displaying names , mainly of cities/towns/villages, or city parts, for zooms approximately 8-12.

When zooming in from zoom about 7- toward 12+, the many of such names disappear, and reappear later at higher zoom levels.

Disappearing happens often even for names of big towns, while villages stay. Sometimes one may guess some strange area on map is a town.

At some zoom levels, the most names almost disappear from map, and like random chosen names of small unknown villages are scattered across the map.

It seems the disappearing has some near random rules patterns, perhaps renderer bug, like if names collides with some map feature.

See also link below with illustrating Permalinks to Opencyclemap.

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Especially zoom level 11 produces regularly image of abandoned land, where only ghosts ride bicycles along routes from nowhere to nowhere...

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