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Freezing and other issues after Firefox update

Reported by: mike@… Owned by: potlatch-dev@…
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Component: potlatch2 Version: 2.0
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  • Windows 10 with latest OS patches
  • Firefox 55.0.3 (32-bit) Aug 25 2017
  • Flash 26,0,0,151 (latest)

I *think* these problems are due to my updating Firefox but have not confirmed by downgrading again. The first problem (at least) started immediately after the update. I then re-installed Flash (do not know original version and whether older). I also rebooted. Now I consistently get these issues:

1) If I change Firefox tabs while editting and then come back, the entire Potlatch application is in a frozen state. No error messages. All other Firefox tabs and functionality working normally. WORKAROUND: Perform any window resize operation and Potlatch unfreezes. However, the window must be returned to the same horizontal dimensions otherwise graphics, such as node creation appear shifted from the actual mouse location.

2) The, um, thingie box that allows operations such as making circles, shifts from the bottom right hand corner to top centre screen. Only half the box appears so it is now impossible to move it. Functionality is still usable.

3) Much of the text on the left hand object details box is now blank - though probably in white rather than truly gone. For example, in the advanced view, key names are white on white (visible only if highlighted) and the value names are still visible in black.

4) Same text issue with Save popup. I cannot see what text I am typing and button names are gone.

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Richard

Unfortunately Firefox has significantly broken its Flash support in recent releases. The Firefox devs (effectively) marked this as a 'wontfix' even before the announcement of an EOL date for Flash Player, so the chances of them fixing it are pretty much zero I'm afraid.

For now other browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE/Edge) still retain working Flash support and will run P2 happily. I'm also working on a version of P2 that will run on the desktop rather than in-browser, which should hopefully be ready in a month or two.

Flash support in Windows and Linux Firefox seems to now be so epically broken that I don't think it would be worth trying to reverse-engineer the issues and develop workarounds - it's a more worthwhile use of my time to get P2 running on the desktop. But I'll leave this open on the off-chance (probably about 0.1%) that someone else wants to tackle it!

See also #5465, #5457.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Richard

Flicking through the Mozilla bugtracker, there appear to be a lot of new Flash-related bugs logged, several of which mention the white-on-white text issue.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by mike@…

Unfortunately Chrome is not an option for me, I just get "You need a Flash player to use Potlatch, the OpenStreetMap Flash editor. You can download Flash Player from Several other options are also available for editing OpenStreetMap." no matter how many things I have tried.

For anyone else reading this, I have now downgraded to Firefox 53.0.3 and everything is working splendidly again. I specifically tested 55.0.2, 55.0.1, 54.01 and trouble with them all. The real killer is switching background (to Digital Globe from Bing). A flash popup appears but everything including the box are now frozen and the resize trick does not work.

Richard, I completely understand your decision to focus on a desktop version. Potlatch 2 has been my OpenStreetMap editor of choice since you released and I very much look forward to this new version. Thanks for all your efforts.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by joost schouppe

Mike, have you tried this: (I remember having similar issues in Chrome which IIRC were cause by some security issues

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