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allow creating intersections out of overlapping ways

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Let's say we have street A and B. Street B has an intersection node, but street A doesn't, and it overlaps streets B. How do I tell it to connect to the intersection node of street B when this is in the middle of street A?

<RichardF> you'll have to split street A to do that, you can't add a connection in the middle of a way, only at the start or end. Of course, you can then join them up again after! <nekohayo> O_o <RichardF> but really it's working out a convincing UI as to how to do it <nekohayo> RichardF: so about problem #2, the thing is that you can't select 2 nodes to merge them without merging the ways themselves right? <RichardF> as a general principle in Potlatch, you can't select more than one thing at once; so I guess what would need to happen is that, if you create a node on what would be an intersection, it automatically makes the intersection for you. But that said, that'd be pretty tricky to program... I'll have a think about that <nekohayo> hmm, an "intersect tool" could be made out of that indeed. like a pen or something. you circle an intersection, and it stitches the thing <RichardF> nekohayo: Potlatch doesn't have tools, it's modeless

Blackadder: yeah, basically the question is whether I can ask Flash "is this point also within the click region for any other ways?"

<nekohayo> that may be a reason why it has so many hidden shortcuts? ;) <RichardF> Blackadder: and I don't know whether Flash lets you do that or not <Blackadder> RichardF: Right <RichardF> nekohayo: indeed <RichardF> there will be more explicit buttons (e.g. 'History', 'Undo') in time, but it's only in the last month or so that it's become a resizable window - previously it was fixed 700x600 - so there wasn't enough space for extra buttons before <nekohayo> so having buttons/tools is not a strictly forbidden design idea? <RichardF> there's a difference between "action" buttons and "mode" buttons. Potlatch will have the former but not the latter. like the scissors and GPS buttons it already has, they carry out actions <nekohayo> but then, without being able to select multiple ways, or without being able to "toggle" into a "intersect" tool (even if it's just for 1 click) makes the thing impossible no? <RichardF> ideally I'd like it so that the only thing you have to remember is when to shift-click and when not <RichardF> nekohayo: no, as I say, it could potentially be done by automatically inserting an intersection if you click on such a place <RichardF> no need for an extra tool <nekohayo> hm not a bad idea <RichardF> I just need to work out whether Flash can do that easily :) <nekohayo> may I paste parts of this discussion in the ticket I'm filing? <RichardF> please do

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by richard

Need to investigate whether MovieClip?.hitTest() can be used for this.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by Richard

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed in 0.8c, will be deployed soon.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by Richard

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Need to make it so that this can be done on a non-foreground way too.

(Not sure whether the best way to do this is to always bring the way to the front, or to implement handling for shift-clicking a non-selected way - the latter may have implications for shift-click to merge ways.)

comment:4 Changed 11 years ago by Richard

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed in 0.10 (awaiting deployment).

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